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How Do I Know If I Need Neck Pain Treatment After a Car Accident?

A young woman with braided hair, wearing a rust-colored sweater, winces and holds her neck, standing beside a blue car after a car accident, possibly experiencing neck pain or distress.

Neck pain after a car accident may not be cause for alarm, but there’s a good chance that medical care is in order. Consider these signs that it’s time to seek treatment.

Car accidents can be scary or stressful, especially if you walk away in pain. While some causes of neck pain are mild and not cause for alarm, others require medical treatment to relieve and protect you from long-term complications.  

Our experienced providers at Physicians Group, with 27 locations throughout Florida and Minnesota, specialize in diagnosing and treating car accident injuries using holistic and minimally invasive options. 

Here’s what you should know if you’re experiencing neck pain after an accident, including signs it’s time to seek medical care. 

Causes of neck pain after a car accident

Any impact or motion that affects your neck can lead to a painful injury. Common neck injuries brought on my car accidents include:

  • Cuts and lacerations
  • Dislocation 
  • Herniated discs, also known as “slipped” discs
  • Neck fractures
  • Neck sprains and strains
  • Whiplash

Whiplash, the most common car accident-related neck injury, happens when your neck is forcibly forward and back. While the exact injury isn’t well understood, it involves discs, nerves, muscles, and tendons in your neck. 

In addition to neck pain, whiplash can cause pain in your shoulder and low back, dizziness, ringing in your ears, and blurry vision. Irritability and tiredness are also common. 

When to seek treatment for your neck pain

A medical exam is wise whenever you’ve been involved in a car accident. While this is especially true if you notice symptoms like pain, a check-up can help, given that you may not experience any symptoms immediately. Sometimes, neck pain crops up hours or days after an accident.  

Other crucial signs it’s time to seek treatment for your neck pain include:

  • Severe pain
  • Pain that lingers on or worsens
  • Additional symptoms, such as confusion, fever, or swelling, appear

When in doubt, call our office so we can guide you toward your next best steps. 

Neck pain treatment after an accident

Your ideal treatment for neck pain will depend on numerous factors, including the severity of your symptoms, the specific cause, and your overall health. After a comprehensive exam, our Physicians Group team may recommend the following: 

  • Chiropractic care
  • Epidural, peripheral joint, facet joint, or trigger point injections
  • Musculoskeletal ultrasound therapy
  • Interventional spine therapeutics
  • Radiofrequency neurolysis
  • Regenerative medicine
  • Spasticity management

You can tend to neck pain at home before your exam by gently applying ice for short periods. Over-the-counter pain medication, such as ibuprofen, may also help. 

To learn more about neck pain after a car accident or get the care you need, call one of our offices or book an appointment through our website today.

To learn more about car accident care or get started with the treatment you need, call one of our offices or book an appointment through our website today.