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Auto Accident Clinic, Auto Injury Specialist, Automobile Accident Injury Specialists, Back Pain Doctor, Back, Spine, & Neck Specialist & Advanced Chiropractic located in Auburndale, Bradenton, Brandon, Palmetto, Ft Myers, Jacksonville Beach, Jacksonville, Orange Park, Lakeland, Clearwater, New Port Richey, Port Charlotte, Sarasota, Sebring, Spring Hill, St. Petersburg, Tampa and Temple Terrace, FL and Brooklyn Park, Robbinsdale, Minneapolis, Richfield and St Paul, MN

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"I went here after my accident last month. I was kind of worried since I've never been to one of these clinics before but Janese was a great help. She walked me through the entire process and explained everything step by step. Also I appreciate that it was clean. I'm OCD about that!! Still treating 2 X a week and no issues at all. Thank you for making this an easy process for me ? If any questions feel free to ask!"

— George Rosende
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A man wearing a white T-shirt holds his right elbow with his left hand outdoors, showing signs of serious joint pain. A red glow around the elbow indicates injury. In the blurred background, there is a mountain and a person standing in a park.
June 5, 2024

Is Joint Pain A Sign Of A Serious Condition?

Joint pain is a common ailment affecting people of all ages, causing discomfort and limitations in daily activities. This article explores the causes of joint pain, including arthritis, injuries, infections, and autoimmune disorders. It discusses when joint pain should be considered serious, potential complications, diagnostic methods, treatment options like medications and physical therapy, and prevention […]

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A person receiving a chiropractic adjustment while lying on their side on a white cushioned table. The chiropractor, dressed in a white shirt, is applying pressure to the person's lower back with one hand and supporting their arm with the other, promoting spinal health through the science of chiropractic.
May 28, 2024

The Science of Chiropractic Adjustments: Enhancing Spinal Health

Have you wondered how chiropractic adjustments benefit your health? This article explores the science behind these adjustments, explaining how they relieve pain, improve joint function, and enhance nervous system function. It covers conditions like back pain, neck pain, headaches, and sports injuries and delves into Diversified Gonstead and Activator techniques. Whether new to chiropractic care […]

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A person lies in a hospital bed with a blue sling supporting their right arm, highlighting the importance of proper auto injury treatment. A healthcare professional adjusts the sling, ensuring correct support. The patient wears a blue hospital gown and is covered with a white blanket, illustrating fact vs. myth in recovery care.
May 21, 2024

Demystifying Auto Injury Treatment: Fact vs. Myth

This article explores common auto injuries, dispels myths, and outlines treatment options for a successful recovery, emphasizing the importance of seeking proper care. What Is Auto Injury Treatment? Auto injury treatment encompasses medical care aimed at addressing injuries resulting from car accidents, such as whiplash and soft tissue damage. Prompt medical evaluation post-accident is vital […]

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to expect when I visit a clinic?

The victim of an auto accident who visits a Physicians Group clinic should expect:

A full physical analysis

A full review of symptoms

The patient will be asked to perform physical tests to help detect all areas of concern

In specific situations, imaging technology may be required

The patient will be provided a diagnosis and treatment options

Treatment response will be monitored and modified as your condition improves

What if I need to see a specialist?

Physicians Group is a multi-disciplinary group practice specializing in the needs of victims of auto accidents. If a Specialist referral is required Physicians Group offers Neurology, Injections, Orthopedic and Neurosurgical consults which could ultimately provide surgical intervention, if and when necessary.

Will you file my claim with the insurance company?

Yes. We are very familiar with insurance procedures and will file all the necessary paperwork on your behalf.

What type of insurance do you take?

We accept all types of auto insurance. We do not accept health insurance. Most auto insurance policies cover and will pay for our multi-disciplinary care. Auto injuries are typically covered by your auto insurance company, or through the at fault driver’s insurance policy.

Do I need a lawyer after a car accident?

There is no law requiring that you hire a lawyer after a car crash. Hiring an attorney can be most helpful to get the compensation you deserve and need.