Florida car accidents can affect victims greatly. Injuries from even the most minor auto accident can be debilitating. You may not think that a chiropractor can be an important medical professional to visit after an auto accident injury, but they can be very helpful in your recovery process.

Conventional medicine can save many patients when it comes to an emergency, severe infection, and other life-threatening situations. The drawback of conventional medicine, however, is the fact that following an auto accident, many doctors will see “less serious” injuries and simply prescribe medication instead of treatment. This can temporarily assist the patient in continuing with their daily lives, but in the end, does not yield long-lasting relief.

This is where chiropractors can come in. Back and neck pain, stiffness, soreness, and limited range of motion are all very common issues for those coming out of a car accident. A chiropractor can identify the source of these symptoms and actively treat the issue instead of throwing medication on it.

Through chiropractic treatment, there are numerous benefits a patient may experience. These include:

Inflammation reduction: Micro-tears within your muscles and ligaments are quite common. They cannot be seen with a standard x-ray. Spinal adjustment can force the spine back into alignment, which reduces inflammation and brings relief.

Scar tissue reduction: Muscles can develop scars following an accident and this results in soreness and stiffness. A chiropractor can address these areas and break down all the buildup more rapidly than letting the body heal on its own.

Less need for medication: Prescription medication can become very addictive if you are not careful. Taking these heavy painkillers can do more harm than good. Chiropractic adjustments can ensure the injury is healed instead of simply masking the pain with addictive substances.

Restored range of motion: Neck and back injuries can restrict your range of motion as well as general mobility. Adjustments can help loosen and restore the range of motion your body needs.

If you are struggling with auto accident injuries, contact Physicians Group today to schedule a chiropractic consultation.